Ayushman Bharat Scheme List 2020, Ayushman Yojana List 2020, How to check name

Ayushman Bharat Scheme List 2020: -Ayushman Bharat Scheme was announced on 1 February 2018. In this article, we will tell you how to apply for Ayushman Bharat Scheme (ABY) and Ayushman Bharat Scheme List 2020 How to check your name in This scheme is a health plan of the Government of India, it was announced by former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, its purpose was that as many as B.P.L. The card holders are treated free of cost under the scheme of Ayushman Bharat and every family will be assisted in the treatment of up to 5 lakhs per annum, remember that you will not get money in it, just a card will be made in which in 1 year you or your family will be made. There will be health insurance of 5 lakhs. 10 crore BPL in India Card holder families will be able to take advantage of this and that means 40 or 50 crores people will be able to take advantage of this scheme. Only BPL card holders were kept under this scheme.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme List 2020

After the implementation of this scheme, the name of this scheme was also renamed as Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. The paperwork in this scheme is very less, in which the patient will not have to make any payment, the patient can get his treatment in any hospital, whether private or government, and can be in any hospital in the country. Just you have to have your Ayushman card, and the patient can go to any state and get his treatment. It was started on 14 April 2018 in Ambedkar Jayanti from Chhattisgarh. No application forms will be filled for Ayushman Bharat Scheme . Because the government has prepared a list of low-income or poor sections according to the 2011 economic and caste census, this government has prepared this scheme for low-income people.

Name of schemeAyushman Bharat Scheme
Who startedPrime Minister Narendra Modi
Implemented by
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare , Government of India
 Announcement dateFebruary 2018
Applicable dateApril 2018
Number of beneficiary families100 million
 Benefits per family5 lakhs per year
 BeneficiaryPoor sections of India
 Budget2000 crores
 present situationApplied

Benefit from Ayushman scheme

  • Mental patient treatment
  • Emergency Medicine and Facility for Elderly Patients
  • All facilities and treatment for women during maternity
  • tooth Care
  • If someone has cancer, up to Rs 50,000 can be treated.
  • Complete health facility for children
  • Special attention to the health of the elderly, children, women
  • Upto 9000 rupees for women during maternity
  • Newborn and child health services
  • The government has allocated 600 crores for the treatment of TV patients.
  • The government will make all the expenses incurred before the patient is admitted and even after discharge.

Features of Ayushman Yojana

  1.  Under this scheme, the government will provide up to 50000 free treatment to the beneficiary of this scheme every year.
  2. Under this scheme, all facilities in district hospitals have been increased.
  3.  To increase the medical sector, the government announced the opening of 24 medical colleges.
  4. There is no shortage in the treatment of patients, so the government linked 14,912 hospitals to Ayushman Bharat
  5. Construction of 5 lakh health center by the government
  6. To provide Rs 500 per month to TV patients.
  7. 1354 packages have been included in this scheme, that is, the treatment of every minor disease and the biggest cure has been registered.  
SECC Information was received through assessing that people are now getting medical insurance. According to the data of the population of rural areas D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and D7 people of Kategiri have been included in the Ayushman Bharat Yojana.

Eligibility of beneficiaries under Ayushman Bharat Yojana (for rural area)

ABY has the following eligibility for the beneficiaries of rural areas: -
  • There should be a kutcha house in the rural area
  • The head of the family should be a woman
  • Someone in the family must be disabled
  • No adult in the family should be in the age group of 16-59
  • Do you work
  • Monthly income should be less than 10000
  • Helpless
  • Landless
  • Apart from this, in rural areas, if the person is doing homeless, begging or bonded labor, he himself will join the Ayushman Bharat Yojana.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme [ ABY] Eligibility for Urban Areas

ABY has the following eligibility for beneficiaries from urban areas: -
  • For this, the garbage picks up the garbage, the hawker, the laborer, the guards, the shoemaker, the sweeper, the teller, the driver, the shopkeeper, the rickshaw puller, the porter miner, the painter, the conductor, Mistry, washerman, etc.
  • Or people whose monthly income is less than 10,000, etc. will be able to join Ayushman Yojana.
Documents required before hospitalization
  • Aadhar Card
  • income certificate
  • Ration card
  • Ayushman Card
  • caste certificate
  • E-card  

ABY hospitalization process

  • First of all, the patient will have to go to the hospital and meet the employee associated with Ayushman.
  • You have to show your identity card to them so that they can confirm you, after confirmation, the employee of Ayushman Yojana will take a photo of you.
  • After that you will have to tell what your relationship is with your family.
  • After this your record will be saved, after which you will be given a temporary card by the employee.
  • After verification of your case, the authority will be assigned to the department.
  • After your case is approved, your record will be saved as Golden Record.
  • After this, you will be given an e-card by the employee, after which you can get your treatment.

How to check your name in the list of Ayushman Bharat Scheme 2020

There are two ways to check your name in the list of Ayushman Bharat Scheme 2020. Here are the two ways. To check the name, follow the procedure given below.

First step: First of all you go to the official website of http://www.pmjay.gov.in.

Second step: Now you have to click on Am Eligible here.

Third step: Now put your mobile number on the next page, as well as enter captcha code and click on generated OTP.

Fourth step: Now put the OTP that came in your phone and submit it.

Fifth step: Now some such form will come in front of you, fill in the information requested and search it.

Sixth step: Now a result will come in front of you, if your name is in the list, then here will be your name as well as complete information.

Check your name through ration card number

You can also use ration card number to check name in Ayushman Bharat scheme. After selecting the ration card option, the empty space will be visible for filling the ration card number. After filling this space, after clicking the search button below, your name appears in the search result. The name can also be confirmed through the Search by Mobile Number option.