Ujjwala 3 Free Cylinder Plan | See Deposit in Rupee Account | Did you or not?

Ujjwala 3 Free Cylinder Plan | See Deposit in Rupee Account | Did you or not?

Under the Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana, the government has announced to give three months’ gas refilling free (free of cost) to the beneficiaries of the ‘Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana’. Accordingly, the beneficiaries will have to book their cylinder refilling online.

Who can do IVRS, mobile app, whatsapp, pay tm etc. If you need special information you can get information by contacting your gas agency. Beneficiaries or any member of their family who does not have mobile will be able to request this free refilling by filling the prescribed form available with their agency and availing as per the rules. Beneficiaries who have mobile must be booked online as above to avail free refilling. When booking online, confirming the online booking, the beneficiary’s bank account and Aadhaar card link will be refunded to the account.

So there should be a bank account and support link. For this, if there is any question or problem, you can get additional information from the OMC helpline and if the advance amount is not available then in that case contact your agency / OMC helpline to find out the reasons and the question can be resolved. One kilogram of 14 kg per customer will be attainable and 3 cylinder free (free of charge) will be available during the entire scheme. Will cloak.

If there is a 5 kg cylinder then there will be 3 cylinders a month and 8 cylinders throughout the scheme. The amount of benefit receivable will be credited to the beneficiary’s account in advance so that when delivery of the cylinder from the distributor agency is received by the beneficiary, according to the rules, the receipt will be delivered by the delivery man.

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According to the District Supply Officer, Kutch-Bhuj, the amount required to be paid in cash to the delivery man of the concerned agency and the receipt must also be made by the beneficiary.