DD Girnar Home Learning Online Education Time Table Gujarat

DD Girnar Home Learning Online Education Time Table Gujarat, Durrdarshan time table for study, Gujarat education chhanel time table.

Education is a unique quality of human beings. It is through education that human beings reach the pinnacle of progress. Education is also essential for fulfilling our personality and making this world completely happy and prosperous. Usually teachers, housewives, parents, farmers, administrators, traders, religious leaders, soldiers, artists, artisans, politicians define education differently. So it is difficult to give an exact definition of education. Here are some of the definitions of education given by some thinkers and great men of the world.

To bring to the notice of the people the new ideas of human beings which are internationally accepted. (Socrates)

Education is a state of healthy mind in a healthy body which highlights the efficiency of human beings. Especially to his brain so that he can find the ultimate truth and make his life happy by getting the truth and beauty of truth. (Aristotle) Education is the name of making human beings realize devotion. 

In my opinion education should be one that best suits the child and the individual mentally, physically and spiritually. (Gandhiji)In short, it can be said that the main purpose of education is to make human beings a society with a balanced personality and accepted citizens. Which can take the country and the world on the path of upliftment. Moral education is an integral part of education for the development of such personality.

Moral education can include the sanctity of human character and the development of his personality, the process of healing physically, mentally and spiritually, the quest to integrate culture and science, as well as the process of freeing man from fear, inertia and ignorance. True education is the name of the harmonious combination of science and ethics. The education system should be such that it removes all kinds of obstacles and prepares man for his responsibility with the best intelligence and self-esteem. The intellect of man today is ten.

Going into the depths of the oceans, making various discoveries, reactivating the slowed heart rate and doing many other wonderful deeds, but for the coexistence of groups with different beliefs, faiths and ideas on earth, it is necessary to have a sense of empathy and self-esteem with intelligence. According to a Malayalam proverb, "Man can fly like a bird in the sky, swim like a fish in the depths of the oceans, but living as a human being on this earth has become difficult for him today."

Dr. D.S. According to Kothari, today science and technology are advancing while wisdom and wisdom are advancing. Knowledge is increasing but personality is collapsing which is causing imbalances in many areas and we are facing various disasters. This situation has forced us to think deeply about our education system.

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