Lock App - Smart App Locker App

Lock App - Smart App Locker App

Want to lock your Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Camera, Hide Gallery, Hide Photos, Hide Videos etc. Lock them easily on your phone. Completely Free, No Ads, and Small size.

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How it works ?
• Lock any app in the App Locker
• When the locked app is launched on your phone, your will be asked for a password
• Enter the set password to unlock the app

Other features

Only app in PlayStore with
• No Ads
• Completely Free
• Smallest Size
• No battery impact
• Regularly updated
• Fingerprint unlock option
• Super secret mode - Hide icon of the app

• Support for : Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock and intuitive Crash Screen Lock

The applock is probably the foremost rudimentary of security apps. The way it works is that it'll lock up your other apps from prying eyes. That way you don’t need to worry about someone accessing your Facebook, gallery app, or banking app. They work best when paired with a lock screen lock to offer you two layers of security. which of them are worth getting? We’ll assist you out with the simplest applocks and privacy lock apps for Android! you'll learn more about applocks by clicking here! It’s important to notice that this is often not an end-all-be-all solution for security. It’s good for teenagers or snoopy friends. However, these provide little or no real security for things like stolen phones or maybe against your more tech savvy friends. you ought to not use this rather than a lock screen.