PM Modi becomes the new chairman of Somnath Mandir Trust

PM Modi becomes the new chairman of Somnath Trust, a decision taken in a virtual meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the new chairman of the Somnath Temple Trust. This important decision was taken in today's virtual meeting. Let me tell you, Prime Minister Modi is the eighth chairman of the Somnath Trust.

PM Modi becomes the new chairman of Somnath Mandir Trust

The Somnath Trust proudly presents the Somnath Yatra - First Jyotirling app. Somnath Yatra app is a digital guide for all the devotees visiting Somnath Jyotirling Temple for Shiv Darshan. Somnath Mahadev temple is one of the very ancient temples of India located in Gujarat and it is the first Jyotirling among twelve in India.

Through this Somnath Yatra app you can find the detailed information of Somnath Temple and pilgrims facilities made available by Shree Somnath Trust which will help you to plan your visit to Somnath and make your journey comfortable. With authentic content like History of Somnath Temple, Sanskrit Shlokas in Vedas and Pooja vidhi served in Somnath temples, this app helps devotees to explore the glory of Shivji & Somnath temple. More over, the app shares Daily darshan images of Shivji in app so that devotees can remain connected with Somnath Mahadev even if they are not in vicinity of the temple.

Also, there is a unique feature where devotees can scroll beads (Do Mala) of rudraksha virtually through this app with “Om Namah Shivay” mantra jaap repeating on each bead`s scroll. So at any point of time your mobile phone can become a device through which you can pray God Shiv with virtual mala in hand and dedicate the same to Somnath Mahadev. On up scroll of each rudraksha Om Nam Shivay jap will be continued and on completion of 1 mala you will be reminded with vibration that one mala has been completed. You can also manage your mala count here in this app.

Through this Somnath Yatra app any devotee of Somnath will get basic information regarding accommodation in Somnath provided by Somnath Trust, Nearby places to get visited during your small visit, planned routes to get followed to cover all those places in short time, information about fairs & festivals of Somnath, things you should keep in mind while visiting such ancient holy places and news updates about Somnath.

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Still its not over. We are continuously evolving new features. And it will be available to you soon. On behalf of loving people from Somnath, We welcome you from bottom of our heart. See you in Somnath Temple. Jay Somnath!!!