Ambalal Forecast | Megharaja's arrival with thunderstorm from this date

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel, while predicting rains, said, "Monsoon will be good in Gujarat this year." Ambalal Patel forecasts good monsoon in Gujarat, It will start raining in Gujarat around June 15 , The cyclone will hit the coast of Saurashtra before the rains.

Heat in Gujarat is my job. People in the state are feeling the coolness by bathing in a swimming pool, river-lake or sea to get relief from the scorching heat. In this, meteorologist Ambalal Patel has predicted that monsoon will be very good in Gujarat this year. It will start raining in Gujarat around June 15. On the other hand, the meteorological department has also predicted that the monsoon will hit the state after June 10.
Ambalal predicted that it would start raining in Gujarat around June 15. There will be light rain with thunderstorms in the state around May 24. Pre-monsoon activity will start in the state from May 24 to June 6. However, before the monsoon, there will be a mild cyclone in the state. Along with this, light rains will fall in North-Central and South Gujarat before 15th June. Ambalal Patel has predicted that a cyclone will also hit the coast of Saurashtra before the rains.
 The state meteorological department has predicted that monsoon will hit Gujarat after June 10. This time the monsoon has reached Andaman-Nicobar. The pre-monsoon will be active in early June. Monsoon will also come early in Kerala. The monsoon will arrive in Kerala 5 days earlier than the scheduled time of June 1. The monsoon is likely to reach Kerala on May 27. Will arrive five days earlier than usual this year.

Let me tell you, the monsoon officially begins with the arrival of Megharaja in Kerala. The monsoon in Kerala this year is likely to arrive on May 27, five days earlier than its scheduled time of May 31 or June 1. The monsoon in the state is expected to reach around June 15, according to the meteorological department. However, this monsoon depends entirely on how far Andaman extends from Nicobar to Kerala. In the year 2021, the monsoon reached Andaman-Nicobar on 21st May. The monsoon has officially arrived on May 16 this year.
how much rain fell in Gujarat in last 5 years?

Year      (in inches)          Average
2017         35.77                112.18
2018         25.10                76.73
2019         46.95                146.17
2020         44.77                136.85
2021          32.56               98.48
Monsoon will be earlier than usual in Gujarat. Pre-monsoon activity will begin in early June. Only Kutch will have to wait for monsoon till the end of June. The current rainfall in the eastern part of Gujarat seems to be good.

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But rainfall in Saurashtra-Kutch may be less than normal. The temperature in Ahmedabad will now be around 43-44. Because, in the next 3-4 days, southwesterly and westerly winds will start blowing. That is why the air coming from the Arabian Sea will not allow the temperature to rise.